Stena Exhaust Bellows
Quick Steel is very excited to announce that we have recently manufactured bespoke exhaust bellows for Stena Forerunner Ship.
We are very proud to have been selected as the manufacturer for the stainless steel bellows for this Stena ship. Not only is Stena a global client, which we are very proud to be associated with, it also demonstrates our further progression into new markets such as the marine industry , and represents our global reach.
The exhaust bellows is a steel bellows with a 800mm nominal bore stainless, fitted with PN6 flanges with a face-to-face length of 370mm. Our exhaust bellows has been used in the Stena Forerunner Ship,  a commercial fishing vessel, which has to endure extreme weather conditions and needs to have reliability to ensure the safety of its crew.
If you’d like to see pictures of the ship click on the link below…
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