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 for all your expansion bellow enquiries

Well well well, its all go at Quick Steel today. Give us an email on for all your expansion bellow enquiries

Latest stock

Just a fraction of our #flanges waiting in stock for their new adventure. Email for your bespoke #expansionjoint

Precision Welding

#detail #precision #welding #expansionbellow

Expansion Bellows

#expansionbellows #crackingpair One of our jobs sent out today includes this pair of beautifully crafted 200mm nb 316 S/stl single tied, lateral expansion bellows. These include internal flow sleeves, an outer protective 316 cover and S/stl tie bar kits.

Screwed Axial Expansion Joints

We currently have plenty of Screwed Axial Expansion Joints in a range of sizes in stock. Get in touch for more information.

Double Tied Expansion Joints

We’ve been busy increasing our stock levels and now have Double Tied, amongst a whole range of expansion bellows, available. Get in touch with us for more information.

QSL Moulded Rubber Bellows

Quick-Steel have received a large delivery of our QSL Moulded Rubber Bellows. All sizes available for next day delivery.

500mm NB 316 s/stl Single Gimbal

500mm NB 316 s/stl Single Gimbal Expansion Bellows. Part of 20 bellows ordered,

400mm Double Tied Expansion Bellow with Jacket

400mm nb 316 SS double tied universal lateral expansion bellows 500mm long with SS flow sleeves and MS PN16 fixed in line flanges, now available with Insulated jackets to suit all sizes and types, fastened with Velcro Cover of grey Pu coated glass fabric and a foil backed needle matt core.