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The DH range of Double Hinged Articulated Expansion Joints are specifically designed for accommodating large amounts of lateral movement while containing the pressure thrust forces, resulting in the lowest possible stress on anchors and adjacent machinery. Suitable for many liquids and gasses including LTHW, MTHW, HTHW and Steam.


The Double Hinged Articulated Expansion Joints are installed in changes in pipework direction and are designed to permit lateral movement in only one plane.  The movements occur due to thermal expansion and contraction or building settlement.   The Expansion Joints ridged hinged mechanism allows them to accept full pressure thrust while being prevented from deflecting axially either in extension or compression.


In piping system applications a Double Hinged Expansion joint can be used on its own or in a two or three pin system and can be used in conjunction with Single Hinged Angular Expansion joints as shown. 


Constructed from 316 stainless steel membrane with 304 stainless steel flow sleeves, carbon steel centre tube and carbon steel hinge bars and pins welded to carbon steel EN1092-1 PN16 fixed in-line flanges. 

Type DH 800mm nb Double Hinged  supplied to The Environment Agency for a 25 bar river wate
double hinged
double hinged EJ
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